Will Ferrell to star in Eurovision Song Contest Comedy for Netflix

Will Ferrell is set to star in a new Netflix comedy about the Eurovision.

While the singing competition might not be a thing when it comes to musical events for the US, it is quite popular in Europe, with 186 million viewers tuning in to this year’s edition.

As part of the streaming giant’s attempt to create content that will appeal to its international subscribers, particularly those across the Atlantic, the new feature film will be based around the Eurovision song contest. 

According to The Guardian, Ferrell is a real fan of the musical competition ever since his Swedish wife introduced him to it. He was even spotted at this year’s contest. 

Ferrell will star and co-write alongside Andrew Steele. He will also produce for Gary Sanchez Productions with Jessica Elbaum. Adam McKay is set as executive producer.

The still-untitled project will be the second feature-length production the actor has collaborated on with the streaming service. Just last month Netflix released  Ibiza, a comedy he produced starring Gillian Jacobs.