Facebook in Talks for Cristiano Ronaldo Reality Show

Looks like Facebook has World Cup fever!

It’s always the Cristiano Ronaldo show when the soccer superstar takes to the field but now it looks like a Ronaldo show is going to happen on screen as well. 

According to Variety, Facebook is in talks for a new original series — a reality show about Cristiano Ronaldo. The docu-series, if it were to happen, is intended for the social giant’s video platform called Facebook Watch. 

Multiple sources report that Facebook is willing to pay big to land this deal and the soccer player could score a paycheck of around $10 million for the 13-episode show. The show will be made by Religion of Sports, a sports media firm co-founded by Tom Brady, alongside Matador Content and Dirty Robber.

The outlet also reports that the Ronaldo reality show would be patterned on Tom Brady docu-series Tom vs. Time, which follows the 40-year-old quarterback on and off the field in his 18th season in the NFL.

With Ronaldo being the most popular athlete on Facebook (120 million followers on his official page) it looks like the platforms most aggressive bet to date could really pay off.