First Teaser For “Good Omens” is Here And it’s Fun as Hell

Ever since the dream team of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman published their cult novel Good Omens, fans have been dreaming about seeing it come to life. Their prayers have finally been answered when Amazon dropped the first teaser for this epic end of the world story.

Good Omens tells the tale of an angel, Crowley, and a demon, Aziraphale, who’ve been living on Earth since the dawn of creation. Despite the fact they represent opposite sides, the two men have something in common – they’re very fond of their cozy, comfortable life on Earth. As the Apocalypse approaches, the two unlikely friends decide to team up and stop the end of the world so they wouldn’t have to leave their beloved planet.

David Tennant and Michael Sheen are playing the lead roles in the upcoming Amazon series, directed by Douglas Mackinnon. Co-author of Good Omens Neil Gaiman agreed to write the script, as a way of honoring late Terry Pratchett, who spent years dreaming of seeing a screen adaptation of their hit novel.

“Terry asked me if I would write it. And he’d never asked me for anything. We’d been friends for about 35 years and he said, ‘You have to do this because I don’t have very long to live and I want to see it.’ I sat down to write the script for episode one shortly after his death. I know it was the last request, so I’ve seen it through,” explained Gaiman during New York Comic Con.

You can watch the teaser below: