Group invites Complete Stranger on Vacation After Friend with Same Name Cancels

After a group of 9 friends in the UK planned a perfect vacation in Majorca Spain to celebrate their friend Nathan’s 30th birthday, they were understandably disappointed when one of their own, Joe McGrath, informed them that due to a last-minute change in plans, he wouldn’t be able to make it. So the group, now with one extra ticket for a fully booked trip decided to do find someone who’s name matched Joe’s details.

One of the group members, Dan, found such a person on Facebook and decided against reached out to one of the nearest Joe McGrath’s they could find on Facebook and invited him for the mystery vacation.

“So this happened.” JoeMcGrath95/Twitter

“Although I had my doubt if the offer was legit, I decided to take the plunge as my legendary boss gave me the time off work. I drove down to Bristol on Saturday night and had a mad three days with complete strangers that I think I can call my good friends,” Dan explained in a Facebook post. “What a mega group of people! I loved every minute of it.”

Photo by JoeMcGrath95/Twitter