World’s First Ship Tunnel Through Mountains Coming Soon

Norway is constructing a mile-long tunnel for ships to circumvent turbulent Stadhavet Sea
Designed for both cargo and passenger ships, this $315 million, 1-mile-long tunnel is a world first, and is set to begin construction in 2019 and last three or four years. It will begin by penetrating the massive rocks of the Stadlandet Peninsula.

“We are pleased that the ship tunnel will now become a reality,” said Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Norway’s transport minister. According to the official press release, almost 9 million tons of rock will need to be decimated to make the tunnel happen.

Computer generated image of Norway’s Stad tunnel in use. Via Norwegian Coastal Administration
The path that the tunnel is planned to take.. Via Oliver O’Donnell, CC

The project is a hailed by many, as The Stadhavet Sea is known for its violent weather with high winds, strong currents, and constant storms.