Israeli Labour Party Delays Leadership Elections Due to Brittany Spears Concert

The July Labour Party (Ha’Avodah) elections have been postponed 24 hours after organizers considered that another event, a nearby Brittany Spears concert, was happening during the same evening.

Concerns weren’t that participants would fail top show up, instead opting for a fun night out with the unofficial Queen of Pop, but that the July 3rd event has taken up too many security personal, ushers and guards, leaving the security of Labour contest possibly weak.

Instead, the party pushed their event one day later, July 4th.

A Labour Party spokesperson told the Times of Israel that the was meant to “make it easier for people to reach polling stations”, and confirmed a difficulty in recruiting security guards for the evening.

Isaac Herzog, Ha’Avodah Chairman. Photo by Piotr Drabik CC