Wegmans Recalls ‘Killer Brownies’ Containing Undeclared Peanuts

BUFFALO, NY — Wegmans supermarket chain is recalling their ironically named ‘Killer Brownies with Pecans’ due to unwritten peanut content.

Wegmans announced they are issued the recall after the brownies were found to possibly contain peanut matter which has not been declared on the packaging. Those with peanut allergies could potentially suffer a serious and even life threatening allergic reaction should they consume it.

It all started after a Wegmans employee noticed that some packages arrived from the manufacturer labeled incorrectly, some having been labeled ‘Original Brownies with Pecans,’ but actually contained the ‘Peanut Butter Brownies’ variety. Fortunately, there have not been instance reported of injury with the mistakenly packaged baked goods.

Concerned customers are asked to return the product to Wegmans for a full refund. The brownie bars I question have best-by dates 03/21/17 to 4/5/17, with UPC number 20818400000, and were only sold in 15 Wegmans stores in New York state, between March 16 and April 1.

Photo by Wegmans