HBO Shares Official Trailer for Video Game Adaptation “The Last of Us”

Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us
Pedro Pascal in "The Last of Us"

The Last of Us is one of the most highly-anticipated video game adaptations in recent memory, and we won’t have to wait for it much longer. The dystopian show is coming to HBO in about a month and the network gave us a taste of things to come with a new trailer.

The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed. It follows hardened survivor Joel (Pedro Pascal), as he tries to smuggle a 14-year-old girl Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of an oppressive quarantine zone.

The duo meats many other survivors on their brutal and heartbreaking journey across what’s left of the United States. The show’s supporting cast includes Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Nico Parker, Murray Bartlett, Nick Offerman, Melanie Lynskey, and Storm Reid.

The series was filmed in Alberta from the summer of 2021 to the summer of 2022, under the watchful eye of Chornobyl’s Craig Mazin and the game creator Neil Druckmann, who serve as showrunners. It marks the largest television production in Canadian history, generating an estimated CA$200 million in revenue for Alberta.

The Last of Us will premiere on January 15, 2023 and the showrunners are open to working on more seasons if the first chapter is well-received.