Jamie Foxx Shares His Daughters’ Driving Experience at ‘Baby Driver’ Premiere Night

It was a family affair on Wednesday night as Jamie Foxx celebrated the premiere of his new action comedy film Baby Driver, together with his two daughters, Corinne, 24, and Annalise, 7. The Oscar winner spoke to ET‘s Ali Fedotowsky-Manno about his own kids’ first driving experience.

Jamie said that while Annalise is already allowed to “drive the G-Wagon down the driveway,” his eldest daughter didn’t get to drive until she was 16. “She got an Infiniti,” Foxx remembered. “She crashed it two weeks later.”

“I ran it into a fire hydrant,” Corinne shared.

Some parents might be mad about the crash but the protective father said all he could do was “hope she was OK.”

“And, you know, the insurance was cool,” he said. “Our insurance game was up and we just keep rolling.”

The 49-year-old actor’s early experiences with driving were quite a bit different from his daughters’. “I was driving my grandmother’s LTD. I was trying to [parallel] park, bumped one of the cones… I forgot to turn the lights on, so I flunked at first,” Jamie recalled the first time he took his driving test.

“But I’m good now though,” he guaranteed. “I got it.”

Baby Driver hits theaters on June 28.