Jennifer Lawrence Lands Lead Role in Paolo Sorrentino’s “Mob Girl”

Jennifer Lawrence joined forces with many of the most renowned directors working today, and she’s adding another to the list. The young actress is gearing up to play the lead role in Mob Girl, directed by Italian mastermind Paolo Sorrentino.

Lawrence will take on the role of mob wife turned police informant Arlyne Brickman, who spent her entire life surrounded by mobsters. Brickman was drawn to their glamorous lifestyle, but eventually changed sides and went on to become police informant and major witness in the government’s case against the Colombo crime family.

This is the first collaboration between Lawrence’s production company Excellent Cadaver and Makeready. They signed a first-look deal a few months ago, and Mob Girl is just the kind of project they’ve been looking for, according to Makeready’s Brad Weston.

“Seeing this story from a woman’s point of view is a fresh and exciting approach to telling a classic mob story. We could not imagine a more perfect team of stellar filmmakers, with Jennifer starring in a tour de force role and Paolo at the helm, to bring Arlyne’s strength and unique perspective to life on screen,” said Weston in a statement.