Kristen Bell On Her Relationship With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell gets candid about her relationship struggles with Dax Shepard. In a clip for Harry Connick Jr.’s show, Harry’s, the Frozen star revealed that she constantly fought with her then-boyfriend in the early stages of their relationship.

“When we first met, we fell madly in love and I love the dramatic exit. There is nothing I crave more,” the 37-year-old actress told host Harry Connick Jr. “The first year, you are working out your kinks. I loved it. We’d get in a fight, because we would fight a lot, and I’d, like, yell something then slam the bedroom door, then I’d slam the front door, then I’d get in my car and then I’d skid out the driveway and I would sit around the corner in my car and it felt so good and I realized how incredibly toxic it was only after he pointed it out.”

“Three months into our relationship he was like, ‘You can’t leave anymore during fights. I’m not going to do that.’ I was like, ‘What?’ He’s like you can’t do that, I’m not going to have a relationship, he has a very high standard and a strong code of ethics. He was like, ‘No, I have more respect for myself, I love you but I’m not going to do that my whole life,'” she continued.

Bell admits that she learned many lessons from her husband.

“He said, ‘Let’s just help you. You are not a good fighter.’ And I always thought I was because I won,” the Good Place star shared. “He’s like, ‘No, people can’t do that. Our marriage won’t survive.’ And everything he was saying was making so much sense and I was like damn this guy.”

Today, the married couple of nearly four years have two daughters, Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 2.

The actress also revealed that Shepard surprised her with a bell tattoo on his ring finger alongside the initials of his daughters.

“Can I tell you this my husband surprised me, he doesn’t like jewelry of any kind he like can’t handle it, he surprised me one random evening he came home with a bell tattooed on his ring finger with my initial, our first daughter’s initial and our second daughter wasn’t born yet but he put a D, so we were a little cornered and we named her Delta,” she explained. “He really wanted to name him Delta but he put all three of our initials on a bell. I think that’s cute.”