Kristin Davis Talks About Possibility of “Sex and the City 3”

Kristin Davis talked to ET about the future of Sex and the City 3 at the “Stand Up For Pits” Benefit in Hollywood Sunday.

Davis previously said that she wouldn’t be talking about the hit series, but she admits, “I always have hope!”

Kim Cattrall has confirmed she will not be involved in a third movie. The actress responded to reports that it was her diva demands that kept the third project from happening.

“To get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘No,’ that I’m demanding or a diva,” she told Piers Morgan in a recent interview.

During the interview, Cattrall admitted she never had a close friendship with her Sex and the City co-stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Davis, according to The Daily Mail.