Liam Payne Finally Reveals His Son’s Wild Name

We have waited for over a month, but Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have finally shared the name of their son with the world. The junior is named Bear Payne!

As The Daily Mail informs, the reason for waiting this long was that the parents actually agreed on a name a few days ago. The publication quoted a source saying:

“Liam and Cheryl couldn’t decide on a name for ages and kept toing and froing between options. But they both loved Bear and settled on it a few days ago. Despite the sleepless nights, the couple are completely smitten with little Bear.”

Famous TV adventurer Bear Grills congratulated the parents: “Great choice! Love & blessings to you guys as you start on the greatest adventure.” Liam responded: “Thanks man hope he grows with an ounce of your courage! Your a boss.”