“Love, Simon” Review: First Gay Protagonist in a Teen Romance

Love, Simon is a teen movie which declares itself to be just like any other. It considers the struggles of finding oneself, of that dreaded first kiss, of hoping for love. Simon even declares himself to be just like us. The big difference is that this time, the protagonist is gay.

The movie focuses on Simon’s experience as a closeted gay teenager in high school. This is the first time that mainstream cinema has portrayed a gay protagonist in a teen romance. Mainstream cinema has often portrayed popular gay characters in the past such as Damien in Mean Girls, but the role has often been the “gay best friend” and a lot of the comedy has been at their expense. This is why Love, Simon is an exciting film in the way that it challenges mainstream audiences to rethink their ideas of gay stereotypes.

The writing in the movie is deeply sensitive and Nick Robinson’s portrayal of Simon is fantastic and moving. The film speaks out to anyone who believes in true love or all those who have a secret romantic side.

Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker adapted the script from Becky Albertalli’s novel “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda”. One of the aspects the movie captured well from the book is that Simon’s character is flawed. His character is not meant to be perfect, but realistically human.

All in all, the movie is touching and accessible to a wide audience. It is refreshing to see a movie which advocates that anyone who is struggling with their sexuality is not alone, but in a context which is illuminating and enjoyable for everyone.