Miley Cyrus Puts a Feminist Twist On Christmas Tune “Santa Baby”

Many songs we grew up loving need a modern updated since they happen to have pretty questionable lyrics. Miley Cyrus came to the conclusion that “Santa Baby” is one of them and decided to take matters into her own hands.

The former Disney star performed her new and improved version of this Christmas tune during her appearance on The Tonight Show – but it was nothing like the original!

Cyrus asked host Jimmy Fallon if she could mix things up a little bit and make it more appropriate, but he had no idea what’s going to hit him after saying yes. “Santa Baby” finally got a much-needed feminist update thanks to Miley, after she ditched all the lyrics where she’s asking Santa for gifts.

Her glorious version was a breath of fresh air we all needed after spending weeks listening to same old songs. It featured the lines “I can buy my own damn stuff” and “a girl’s best friend is equal pay”, sending an empowering message to everyone who wants to listen.