Miley Cyrus Speaks of the Important Relationship Lesson She Got From Her Parents

It’s been a long road for on again off again couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth as they went from engaged in 2012, to broken up a year later, then engaged again over the course of a few of years.

Miley reveals in an interview with Cosmopolitan, that the fact that they were able to find their way back to each other, proves that love can sustain plenty of ups and down. She also speaks of how her second engagement to Hemsworth in January 2016 was possible because of something that she learned from her parents’ marriage.

The singer said her parents Tish and Billie Ray taught her that relationships are a dynamic journey, where neither counterpart will remain the same person as when they entered the relationship.

Tish and Billie Ray’s marriage has seen its fair share of ups and downs as well. Filing for divorce in 2010, dropping it a year later, only to file again in 2013 with another reconciliation a month later with the help of couples therapy.

Miley said that her parent’s relationship showed her that even when in a relationship you need time for yourself to grow. It’s all a part of a journey for the 24-year-old who wants to celebrate the truest kind of love.

Cosmopolitan’s September issue will hit newsstands on August 8