New Trailer For “The Romanoffs” is Jam-Packed With Talent

Matthew Weiner has been nowhere to be found since Mad Men wrapped up in 2015, but he’s ready for his big comeback. A new trailer for his upcoming series The Romanoffs just dropped, and it’s brimming with royal potential!

This promising anthology series will feature eight separate stories about people who believe they’re the descendants of the Romanovs. This royal family ruled Russia for centuries until their ultimate demise in 1918.

the remaining members were imprisoned during the February Revolution and executed a few months later. DNA testing confirmed they all died, but a number of people around the globe still claim to be their descendants.

The Romanoffs, which was filmed on three continents, is inspired by this long-standing myth. Weiner created, wrote, directed, and executive produced the series, which reunites him with his Mad Men stars John Slattery and Christina Hendricks.

These two Emmy nominees aren’t the only actors who make this new series a must-watch. It also stars Isabelle Huppert, Diane Lane, Amanda Peet, Jack Huston, JJ Feild, Kathryn Hahn, Ron Livingston… You get the point. We won’t have to wait for long to see what they came up with. The first two episodes will be available on October 12 on Amazon Video.