Phone Thief Runs from Crime Scene… Into Police Station

China – A man from Shenzhen, Guangdong snatched a woman’s cellphone and made his escape by running into a nearby building, which to his misfortune happened to be the local police station. The 38 year old man was immediately arreste, ChinaTopix reports.

Surveillance footage of Longgang the district street showed the suspect parking his bicycle before sprinting towards the woman waiting at a crosswalk, and grabbing her phone.  The woman perused the thief and tripped while running when crossing the street. Her luck changed however when the man passed through several gates, only to find himself standing inside a police station. A police officer who was smoking nearby immediately arrested the man after the woman entered as well and yelled that he took her phone.

“When he ran into the station, his expression was panicked and confusion was written all over his face. Normally, suspects are quite sly. But this suspect appeared to be unfamiliar with the area, so he ran directly into our police station. This is a very rare occurrence,” the arresting officer told local media.

Initial investigation revealed that the thief only recently arrived in Shenzhen and was still looking for a job and a place to live in.