Pottery Barn to Release “Friends” Collection

The infamous Pottery Barn apothecary table could soon be yours!

While Phoebe might not approve of Pottery Barn, the home-furnishing store knows just how popular the iconic NBC sitcom still is and is releasing a Friends-themed collection!

To mark the iconic sitcom’s 25th anniversary, Pottery Barn has created a special collection 14 items including accessories, furniture, and tabletop items, ”Central Perk-worthy accents” and of course Rachel and Phoebe’s iconic apothecary table from that season six episode. 

Patrick Connolly, a former executive Williams-Sonoma (parent company of Pottery Barn), once said the apothecary table episode is “gift that keeps on giving,” as “phones light up with catalog requests every time it airs in syndication.”

The items will range from $13 to $1,099 and will available in September, just in time for the show’s 25th anniversary.