“Rick and Morty” Season 4 is Even Weirder

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Rick and Morty"

After a seemingly endless wait for Rick and Morty to return to Adult Swim, season 4 returned at the end of last year. The bad news is that the season is being released in two halves. The second of which is scheduled to be released at an unconfirmed date in 2020.

The half of the season we have been gifted, however, is Rick and Morty at its finest. We didn’t think it was possible, but the new episodes are even weirder and more imaginative than anything we have seen before. The season brings us talking cats, promiscuous dragons and snake jazz from out of space. In fact, the season is so bonkers that it can only be described as genius.

There is little continuation between the season three finale and the first episode of season 4. Our eponymous “heroes” resume their adventures as normal and Jerry has moved back into the house. Next thing we know, Rick and Morty are out collecting crystals that show users a map of their future. Morty becomes addicted to the crystal and ends up making all his decisions based on what will lead him to a happy death at an old age with Jessica as his partner. *Sigh* – some things never change.

The episodes that follow are even more absurd. We learn more ridiculous details about Rick, who is as nihilistic as ever and apparently is a “shy pooper”. In “One Crew Over The Cuckoo’s Morty”, Rick comes up with a complicated plan to hijack “HeistCon”. Mr. Poopybutthole makes his surprise return and ultimately, the entire episode ends up being directed at demonstrating how heists are a con. It’s just another cruel lesson Rick is teaching Morty to dupe him into going on more adventures.

In addition to its absurdity, one of the things that stands out about season four is how neatly each episode wraps up. “Rattlestar Ricklactica” has one of the most satisfying endings of the show, and Rick even comments on how unusually perfectly the time-travel episode concludes.

Unfortunately, there are still many questions that have been left unanswered from season three. Who is Mr. Poopybutthole? What is Evil Morty’s plan? Hopefully, these questions will be acknowledged in the second half of season four – which can’t come soon enough.