Rosamund Pike Lands Lead Role in “The Banker’s Wife”

Rosamund Pike proved she’s got a knack for playing calculated characters in Gone Girl, and it seems she’s getting ready to go back to her roots. Oscar-nominee landed the lead role in the high stakes international thriller drama series The Banker’s Wife.

Cristina Alger’s novel of the same name served as inspiration for this exciting project. It’s set in the world of global finance and follows two women “racing for answers when a mysterious plane crash sets them off on parallel pursuits of truth.”

This female-driven drama focuses on two heroines from different walks of life, with one common goal. One of them is trying to cope with her husband’s death in the plane crash while coming to terms with the fact this tragedy probably wasn’t an accident.

The other one is an ambitious society journalist, who’s ready to get married into one of the most powerful families in New York and leave her career behind. The death of her mentor shakes her to her core, and she decides to dig into one more story, uncovering some of the best-hidden secrets of the financial world along the way.

Meredith Stiehm and Lesli Linka Glatter, best known for their exceptional work on Homeland, will be in charge of bringing this story to life. They’ll both executive produce The Banker’s Wife, alongside Pike.