“Star Trek: Discovery” Gets Nearly 10 Million Viewers

The first Star Trek: Discovery episode which aired on the new CBS streaming service, “CBS All Access”, and got nearly 10 million viewers, which is significantly more than expected. The mystery and buzz created around it definitely added up to the total number of viewers.

CBS estimates the total number of viewers to reach 15 million after a week passes thanks to all delayed viewing.

The TV network hopes Discovery will raise interest for their “All Access.” CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise recently spoke about it: “Try it; All Access is free to try and if you don’t think it’s worth the value, we get it. It’s not going to be for everybody. We know some of our customers are going to be cord cutters, some are going to be people who want CBS another way and some just want the premium content we’re offering. Also, it’s not like we’re price gouging here. I think it’s a reasonable price for the value we’re delivering. It’s not just what you get on CBS, it is 10,000 episodes of content plus live TV. We have to show people the value of the service, and I think we will.”