Taylor Swift Welcomes Us to Her Dream House in “Lover” Video

Taylor Swift is no stranger to elaborate and aesthetically pleasing music videos, and she just gave us one of her very best with new single “Lover”.

The colorful video for this heartfelt song, which shares the title with her new studio album, sees Swift building her dream house (framed photos of her beloved cats included) alongside her lover, played by Christian Owens, who danced by her side during her Reputation Tour.

At the very start of this video, we see that their dream house is actually set inside a snow globe – but there’s a catch. The very end reveals this is actually a present that Swift and Owens gave their daughter for Christmas.

The ten-time Grammy-winning artist used this playful video to further promote the release of her seventh studio album, which hit the shelves on August 23rd. She eventually named the entire album after this song, because it celebrates love in all its complexity.  

“That song is like a cozy, warm blanket for me, like I’m really proud of that one. So I just think lyrically, top to bottom, that song is the one of the things people have heard so far that I’m just like, ugh, really proud of,” Swift explained in an interview with Good Morning America.