“This Is Us” Actor Chris Sullivan Expecting First Child

Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan (Reichard). Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock (10405774uf)

Congratulations are in order for Chris Sullivan and wife Rachel Reichard.

The duo took to social media to announced some very exciting news — they are going to be parents!

Sullivan shared the news Friday in an amusing Instagram post. 

“WE’RE HAVING OUR FIRST BABY! And we just found out the sex. Swipe through for the gender reveal,” he captioned a sonogram. And as followers swiped right, alongside a diagram of the male reproductive system, they enjoyed pics of various phallic items. 

“It’s TRUE!!! You heard it from @sullivangrams we are having a BOY!!” Reichard added on her account. “So excited!! Nursery is in the works, names are being workshopped, doulas are being interviewed, naps are my go-to self care bc I’m just so 💤, so much to do and yet so much not to do, just enjoying the moment…life is good!”

Congrats, you two!