Wardell Announce New Album, Release New Song

The brother-sister duo, Theo and Sasha Spielberg, have new music on the way. 

Wardell has announced that their second full-length album, titled Impossible Falcon, will drop September 20. Impossible Falcon follows the children of filmmaker Steven Spielberg debut album, Love/Idleness, out in 2015.

They have also released the first single from the LP, “I’m A Man.”

“This was one of the first songs we wrote for the album but also one of the last songs to be recorded,” Theo told Rolling Stone. “So while the song’s sentiment informed the rest of the album, it took recording most of the rest of the album in order to zero in on the sonics and the vibe of this song. It’s very self-reflexive in that way. This album was written while we were both questioning our individual relationships, realizing we were outgrowing old patterns and partners. Little did we realize that our band was actually going through similar motions”

“We’re incredibly honest,” Sasha added. “I don’t tiptoe around my choice of words with Theo. This can start some fights, but in a very healthy way.”

Listen to “I’m A Man” below.