Breathalyzer officer fired after showing up for work drunk, memo shows

AUSTIN, Texas — An Austin police officer has been fired after a self-administered test indicated he had reported for work drunk. Ironically, his duties included administering Breathalyzer tests, AP reports. His supervising sergeant was reportedly suspended for 60 days following the incident.

MSNBC affiliate in Texas reports that a memo released Tuesday read that one day during last October the officer in question reported for his shift and drove his issued police cruiser to the Travis County jail for a self-administered breath test required by his certification.

When the results showed a blood-alcohol concentration of .064-0.65 percent, he reportedly drove back to his station to report to his supervisor, who ordered him to stay home until sober.

The Texas state blood alcohol limit for drivers is .08%. In contrast, a TX state-police scientist said that the results obtained by the test could meant the fired officer arrived at work with a .084-.12% blood-alcohol concentration