“Charmed” reboot finds another sister

Casting is almost complete to make The Power of Three. Joining the cast of CW’s new Charmed pilot is Sarah Jeffery. Jeffrey will star as one of the Charmed sisters alongside Melonie Diaz.

The reboot is described by the network as “a self-contained, self-sustaining show.” The “unique” project is set to chronicle the lives of three sisters in a college town who, after discovering that they are actually witches, go from cutting down the patriarchy to cutting down demons.

Jeffery will portray Madison, the youngest and chirpy sister, who’s really not down with the whole witchcraft thing. Diaz is set to play Mel, an outspoken activist. The third sister has yet to be cast.

Jeffery’s TV credits include NBC’s Shades of Blue and Fox’s X-Files revival.