Charmed Reboot Finds Its Third and Final Sister

Say hello to the new and complete power of three!

The Charmed reboot has confirmed its final casting Monday with Madeleine Mantock set to play the oldest sister Macy. Macy is described as a practical, driven and brilliant geneticist, completely shocked when she discovered she’s a witch.

The youngest sister, Madison, will be played by Sarah Jeffery and the middle sister Mel will be played by Melonie Diaz.

Also cast in the reboot is Rupert Evans as Harry, a “handsome, grandiose” professor with quite an interest in the three sisters, a description which has made many fans speculate that he’s the Whitelighter assigned to protect the sisters.

Helming the reboot is Jennie Urman with Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin penning the pilot’s script.