Chris Evans is Heading to TV With “Defending Jacob”

Chris Evans is getting ready to hang up his Captain America costume after years of playing the iconic superhero, and he’s already lining up a new exciting project. The Marvel actor just joined Apple’s limited series Defending Jacob.

This gripping, character-driven thriller is based on William Landay’s novel, published in 2012. It centers on well-respected assistant district attorney Andy Barber, whose life completely falls apart after his son ends up being accused of a violent crime.

Defending Jacob was described as “a spellbinding tale of guilt, betrayal, and the terrifying speed at which our lives can spin out of control.” It sounds like a pretty complex tale, which will require Evans to flex his acting muscles for a change.

Evans shouldn’t have any trouble, since Captain America isn’t the only amazing character he embodied in the last few years. The Avengers movies kept him pretty busy, but Evans still found time for several indie projects, including Snowpiercer and The Iceman. He also gave directing a try with romance drama Before We Go.

Evans’ casting isn’t the only reason to get excited about Defending Jacob. The upcoming limited series will be written and created by Mark Bomback, the masterminded behind Planet of the Apes trilogy. Morten Tyldum, who received an Oscar nomination for The Imitation Game, is attached to direct the series and executive produce. A premiere date hasn’t been set yet, but it’s expected to stream sometime in 2019.