Chuck Berry is Remembered in New Documentary

The documentary that celebrates the famous guitarists will premiere at the Nashville Film Festival. 

Chuck Berry, a film directed and produced by Jon Brewer, is the first time the musician’s life is covered on screen. 

“The family members really gave a profound insight into the man behind the music,” Brewer tells Rolling Stone.

“Chuck Berry is an icon who uniquely combined his genius, style, and attitude to inspire, diversify and excite the world while redefining modern popular music,” said Jason Padgitt, the executive director of Nashville Film Festival, in a statement. “In that spirit, we are thrilled to host the world premiere of Chuck Berry during the Nashville Film Festival’s 50th anniversary in Music City, where we proudly celebrate the best of film, music, and culture in one of the world’s longest-running film festivals.”

A trailer released Monday features several rock & roll icons like Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry praising Berry as a songwriter and guitarist. Watch it below.