Dennis Quaid, Madalen Mills Join “Tiger Rising”

The forthcoming big-screen adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s children’s book Tiger Rising has added two names to its call sheet. 

Joining previously cast Queen Latifah are Dennis Quaid and Madalen Mills. 

The independent drama is directed by Ray Giarratana. It will launch to international buyers at the Toronto Film Festival.

The story follows 12-year-old Rob, who finds a Bengal tiger hidden in the woods and held captive by a mean-spirited motel owner (Quaid). With the help of the wise and mysterious maid Willie May (Latifah) and a stubborn new girl in school (Mills), the boy must decide whether to set the tiger free and in turn uncage his emotional grief.

Latifah will also serve as executive producer with Allen Cheney and Christophe Suchet. Deborah Giarratana and Ryan Smith are producing the film.