Fox confirms: We are Exploring Future Opportunities for 24

Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden is thinking of the ways the 24 franchise can be continued. The network has met with longtime producers Howard Gordon, Brian Grazer and Joel Surnow about the possibility of another 24 evolution.

Walden spoke with reporters at the Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills, saying that the future installment might take the form of an anthology storytelling franchise. He added that the network “felt really good about a lot of the last season. It was a hard decision to make, whether to bring it back or not.”

Even though Fox released star Corey Hawkins out of his commitment, the network believes that there’s still more to be done, saying that there are still stories to be told about the same characters.

Walden believes that the 24 spinoff, 24:Legacy, was well made. However, the characters and story lines were so similar to those of the original that viewers were pulled into making constant comparisons, which weren’t necessarily in the spinoff’s favor.

Fox execs think more can be done with the series’ concept of a ticking clock, which can be applied to various locations and situations.