“Frozen” Creators Drop Hints About Movie Sequel

Frozen executives aren’t holding back anymore, revealing that they are hard at work on a sequel.

Screenwriter and director, Jennifer Lee drops heavy hints on the much-anticipated sequel to Disney’s icy hit after it opened on Broadway.

“We’ve done amazing stuff on Frozen 2 and have a couple of songs already that are blowing my mind,” Lee said. “We do about six screenings that we hand draw, and so I’m on the second draft, second screening. There’s no shortcut. What we have today hopefully will be 10% of what we have when it opens.”

Lee, who also wrote the book for the musical, spoke of how collaborating on the on-stage adaptation, crossed over to the sequel. “There’s this really fluid thing going on that we didn’t know about in the beginning as we were getting to know each other,” she said. “We learned this wonderful sort of chicken-and-egg back and forth. Even for the film, we’re building it like a musical, where the story and songs are intertwined and matter to each other.”

Disney’s Frozen opened on Broadway in St. James Theatre on Marche 22.