James Franco in talks to star as “Multiple Man” in new X-Men film

Looks like James Franco is taking his love of multiplying himself one step further.

After interviewing himself in 2015, splitting himself up as “Straight James” and “Gay James” and playing identical twin brothers in HBO’s The Deuce, the 39-year old star is set to multiply himself yet again in Marvel’s new solo film.

The Franco clones are set to increase exponentially as EW confirms that the star is in negotiations to play Multiple Man, a Marvel mutant from the X-Men universe. The new solo film will star the mutant who has the ability to clone himself. The movie will feature Jamie Madrox, who can re-absorb his clones and gain all the memories they experienced during their independence, even though this sometimes brings some difficulties.

The movie could be penned by Allan Heiberg (Wonder Woman) and produced by X-Men’s own Simon Kinberg. This version of Multiple Man will probably keep with the recent trend of X-Men’s movies that aren’t necessarily trying to keep some continuity but rather explore their own stories.