Jessica Chastain in talks to join sequel to Stephen King’s “It”

Casting for the horror flick’s sequel began as filmgoers were still flocking to theaters to see the new It and it looks like Jessica Chastain might join the cast of the sequel.

Chastain is in talks to join Stephen King’s It sequel, and the power of the Internet might have something to do with that. From the moment it was announced that the on-screen adaptation of King’s 1986 novel is going to be split into two parts, it was pretty clear that the second movie would most likely feature adult versions of the characters played by child actors in the first film.

In the search for the appropriate look-alikes, Chastain’s name came up as the perfect option to play the grown-up Beverly Marsh. Even Sophia Lillis, who played the young version of Bev in the first film, agreed.

Director Andy Muschietti and Chastain have worked together on the 2013 horror film Mama. EW reports that he even said during It’s post-production that his hopes to recruit Chastain to the Losers’ Club if the sequel became a reality.

The sequel will follow the all-grown-up Losers’ Club as they go back to Derry to face off against Pennywise one more time. It is scheduled for release in September 2019.