Justin Timberlake Game Show “Spin the Wheel” Ordered by Fox

Fox has given a series order to a new game show helmed from executive producer Justin Timberlake.  

The singer-songwriter is bringing game shows back with a new series titled Spin the Wheel. The show boasts one of the largest prizes in TV’s history, a whopping $20 million per episode. 

The show that features contestants competing for cash prizes in a game built around a massive wheel was created by Timberlake and Andrew Glassman who serve alongside Rick Yorn and Johnny Wright as executive producers. 

Dax Shepard has been tapped to serve as host. “I can’t think of a better job than giving out millions of dollars to nice people,” said host Dax Shepard. “It’s my chance to finally be Willy Wonka.”

“This show is massive on so many levels and has the ability to change people’s lives,” said Rob Wade, president, alternative entertainment and specials, Fox Broadcasting Company. “We have a charismatic and hilarious host in Dax, an uber-producer in Andrew, an insanely creative global superstar in Justin and one of the biggest prizes in primetime history. We can’t wait to ‘Spin the Wheel.’”

“Spin the Wheel is the opportunity of a lifetime, and every time someone spins, a massive fortune is on the line,” said executive producer and co-creator Andrew Glassman. “This is all about a rollercoaster of emotions, positive energy, and some incredible wins.”