Mariah Carey Was the Queen Of Spotify This Holiday Season

We can’t even count how many times we played “All I Want For Christmas Is You” this holiday season – but Spotify can! Mariah Carey broke the record by receiving the most single-day streams with this festive song.

This is just the latest in a long series of records she set since 1994 when “All I Want For Christmas Is You” came out. Over two decades have passed since, and this holiday anthem is still Carey’s biggest international success and the best-selling modern day Christmas song.

This hit tune reportedly earned $60 million in royalties over the years. We wouldn’t be surprised if Mariah Carey cashes out a couple more checks in the future since this song keeps on surging in popularity as years go by.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” broke its latest record after receiving a total of 10.8 million streams on Christmas Eve. It surpassed the song “SAD!” by XXXTentacion, which was streamed 10.4 million times on June 19, one day after his death made the headlines.