Priyanka Chopra Flashes Massive Engagement Ring From Nick Jonas

It has been the year of whirlwind engagements and massive engagement rings!

Now it was time for Priyanka Chopra to show off her rock from fiancé Nick Jonas. Jonas did real good buying the Quantico star an impressive ring (rumors are that 25-year-old Jonas shut down a Tiffany store in New York City to buy the ring!).

The couple reportedly got engaged after about two months of dating. People reported that the couple made it official during Chopra’s 36th birthday celebrations in London during the last week of July. Back then, a source told ET “This is the happiest Nick has ever been. The way he is with Priyanka is like nothing they’ve ever seen between him and any other girl he’s dated. His family adores her,” the source says. “He is over the moon for her and knew immediately she was the one.”

The sparkler was revealed in a selfie of Chopra and friend Raveena Tandon. This is the first time the rock has been on display since the engagement as the couple is very private about their relationship. 

“My entire life—my personal life—is not for public consumption,” Chopra said. “Ninety percent of my life is for public consumption, but 10 percent is for me. I’m a girl; I have the right to keep that to myself. My family, my friendships and my relationships are things I don’t think I need to defend or explain to anyone.”