Spice Mom: Harper Beckham Finds Out Her Mom Was a Spice Girl

Over the weekend, Harper Seven, the youngest of four and only daughter of David and Victoria Beckham was finally introduced to her mom as a Spice Girl!

These news were broken to Harper in the cutest way as mom Victoria posted a series of Instagram stories showing off her collection of vintage Spice Girls dolls.

The collection includes all five members of the group clad in their iconic gear. A pink and shiny dress for Baby Spice, a leopard print wearing Scary Spice, Ginger Spice is sporting a Union Jack dress and Sport spice is wearing her signature activewear. Finally, Posh Spice is wearing her signature little black dress with a classic black bob.

It looks like this might have been five-year-old’s first ever encounter with the fact that her mom was a part of one of the most successful British girl bands in history.

It’s not everyday that you find out that mommy was a pop star!

Photo via Victoria Beckham’s instagram story