Taron Egerton Reveals He Won’t Be Back as Eggsy in Kingsman 3

Taron Egerton recently delivered some shocking news to all fans of the Kingsman film series. Egerton, who played the lead character Eggsy in franchise’s first two movies, revealed that he won’t reprise his role in Kingsman 3.

According to the 28-year-old, Eggsy isn’t in director Matthew Vaughn’s plans for the sequel but we still could see the character returning at some point.

“I don’t know how hot off the press this is, and I think I’m allowed to say it, but I’m not in the next Kingsman movie.” – Egerton told Yahoo during the promotion of his latest movie Robin Hood. “That doesn’t mean I won’t be in Kingsman ever again. I was with Matthew [Vaughn] as little as a few days ago, we’re still very much in business together, but his next journey in that world doesn’t involve me… His idea for the new one is incredibly exciting. I’m sad that I won’t be on that journey with him, but it’s not the last you’ve seen of Eggsy.”

While Kingsman 3 supposed to start with filming in January 2019 and is scheduled for November 8, 2019, the details of the movie’s story are still being kept under wraps. According to some reports, the film might be a prequel set in the early 20th century with Ralph Fiennes playing the lead role.

Not being part of Kingsman 3 won’t leave Taron Egerton jobless, since the young actor has several projects lined ahead of him. One of the most prominent ones is starring as superstar musician Elton John in the upcoming biopic Rocketman. Egerton will also be part of the voice cast for animated fantasy series Moominvalley, which is based in Tove Jansson’s Moomin books.