Thanksgiving Box Office Toward New Record

This year’s Thanksgiving box office revenue was fueled by a pair of sequels.

Early weekend estimates project that Disney Animation Studios’ Ralph Breaks the Internet and MGM’s Creed II will set a new box office Thanksgiving revenue record. The two films are looking to be some of the most successful Thanksgiving turns of all time.

According to the estimations, ticket sales for the five-day period are expected to ring up $305 million or more, which is more than the $295 million brought in by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Frozen in 2013.

Ralph Breaks the Internet opened to an impressive $84 million-plus and is likely to be the second-best Thanksgiving opening behind Disney’s “Frozen” at $93.6 million. It was projected to earn between $67 million and $77 million. The first film, Wreck-it Ralph opened with $49 million over three days.

Creed II opened with $60 million, more than the first installment’s debut weekend at $42 million during Thanksgiving 2015.