Will Smith on a possible Fresh Prince revival: “I’d have to be Uncle Phil”

As far as TV reboots rumors go, the possibility of a French Prince revival is getting fans super excited.

Even though it’s not happening yet, TV Line reported in August that Smith’s production company, Overbook Entertainment is looking into developing a reboot of the hit show.

It was Graham Norton who got the Fresh Prince star talking about the possibility of a reunion. Norton demanded an answer to why there is still no sign of the much wanted reboot. Smith only said to the TV host that if a revival ever did happen, he would have to play Uncle Phil.

“I’d have to be Uncle Phil in that one. I’m 50. Like, ‘C’mon, Aunt Viv! I’m 50. I can’t go out on my own?’”

Then Norton asked about the cast’s reunion, but Smith quickly explained that the cast meets up every year for an annual charitable luncheon. Norton wasn’t put off by the idea that Smith would play Uncle Phil, playing a video of Smith bungee jumping in Africa, pausing it right moment when Smith looks like the late James Avery. “It’s crazy, right?” Smith said, laughing at the fan who must have gone though the vid fame by frame to have find