Woman Charged With Molestation Found Not Guilty, Now Suing Teens and Their Parents


In 2015, Lindsey Radomski was charged with allegedly flashing herself in a room fool of teens at a bar mitzva and performing sexual acts on them. Now however, after she is found to be not-guilty by the court, the Scottsdale yoga instructor has filed a lawsuit against the teens and their parents, seeking $5 million in damages plus money for legal fees, medical expenses and punitive damages.

According to court documents, the teens claimed she exposed her newly-enhanced breasts and engaged in sexual misconduct with more than half a dozen boys, ages 11 to 15. Radomski maintained that she has no memory of what happened at the party. Her attorney said she was given a “date rape” drug that night. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office declined the original case, but a City of Scottsdale prosecutor charged Radomski with 18 misdemeanor counts of sexual assault and molestation.

She was found not guilty of all charges in September of last year following a seven-week trial during which Radomski and the boys testified.

Lindsey Radomski mugshot, after the initial arrest

According to the new lawsuit, the parents of the teens failed to supervise the boys during the bar mitzvah. Radomski says the boys were permitted to consume alcohol and that one of them slipped her some sort of drug. The group then sexually assaulted Radomski after she was passed out in a bedroom intoxicated. Apparently, she didn’t learn about what they did until they testified during her trial.

“Lindsey was the victim, but she was treated as a criminal,” her attorney Jocquese Blackwell said.